Robin Yount, vice president of tourism
Robin has been leading Rockingham County’s tourism initiative since 1999. Since that time she has re-directed the county-wide tourism marketing effort to focus on outdoor recreation, including an emphasis on river recreation and the establishment of public river access across the county. A native of Rockingham County, Robin is responsible for implementing all the initiatives and marketing efforts of the Tourism Development Authority as well as promoting the county’s quality of life in order to attract new business and visitors.

Kerry Taylor, data coordinator
Kerry is responsible for maintaining all the databases and information related to new business recruitment and industry expansions for Rockingham County Economic Development. A native and life-long resident of Rockingham County, Kerry is also responsible for the production of many of the Economic Development office's materials and publications. She joined the Rockingham County staff in 1993 and throughout her years here, Kerry has worked on hundreds of new business or expansion projects.

Jamie Rorrer, public relations & marketing consultant
Jamie grew up in Eden in Rockingham County and has worked with Rockingham County Economic Development and the Tourism Development Authority since 2002. She is responsible for all the public relations and marketing activities of both Economic Development and the Tourism Development Authority. She received her B.A. in Communication from Salem College.